Mocha TN3270 Help


The current keyboard layout can be viewed with

menu - help - show keyboard mapping

The keyboard can be configured using

menu - tools - keyboard layout

The data is stored in the programs configuration file. For the file Path see

menu - tools - configuration - Details

The default layout:

PC-Key 3270 Key
f1 P1
f2 P2
f3 P3
f4 P4
f5 f5
f6 f6
f7 f7
f8 f8
f9 f9
f10 f10
f11 f11
f12 f12
shift f1 f13
shift f2 f14
shift f3 f15
shift f4 f16
shift f5 f17
shift f6 f18
shift f7 f19
shift f8 f20
shift f9 f21
shift f10 f22
shift f11 f23
shift f12 f24
crtl f1 PA1
ctrl f2 PA2
ctrl f3 PA3
ctrl f4 SysReq
ctrl f5 Attn
ctrl f6 DUP
ctrl f7 FM
ctrl f9 Jump to the start of a field
ctrl f11 Jump to the end of a field

Editing keys:

PC-Key3270 KEy
shift ReturnNEWLINE
Left Ctrl (*)RESET
Right Ctrl (*) ENTER
HOME Jump to the start of a field
END Jump to the end of a field
PAGE UP Previous field
PAGE DOWN next Field
INSERT Toggle insert mode
DELETE Delete character
Scroll Toggle input field background
PrintSend the current screen to the printer
Pause Toogle Cursor mode
TABJump to the next field
Shift TABJump to the previous field
Ctrl P Hardcopy of the screen
Ctrl + arrowmove cursor fast
(*) only if menu - edit - ctrl c+v as copy paste is not selected.