Mocha VNC Setup Wizard for Mac OS X 10.5 - 10.11.x

Mac OS X comes with its own built-in VNC server. To configure it, select System Preferences from the Apple menu bar (upper left at the screen)

Selecting System Preferences

Selecting Internet and Network - Sharing

Selecting Internet & Network - Sharing

Enable Screen Sharing , use All Users and click (Computer Settings). "Only these users is a special Apple option not supported in the standard VNC protocol.

The IP address for the Mac can also be seen in the window. The IP address is needed to configure Mocha VNC. Write it down.
It is possible in [Computer settings] to define a VNC password, but as the Lion OS has some issues using VNC password validation, we will recommend to use the new option in Mocha VNC 3.0, "Mac OS sign on".

Enable Screen Sharing

or Select Mac OS X sign on, and the normal user/password for the Mac.

Selecting mac os x sign on