Mocha ActiveX TN3270

Mocha ActiveX TN3270 is an object running inside an Internet Explorer window. It makes it possible to connect to an IBM host via TCP/IP with the TN3270 protocol and emulate a 3278 Information Display System.
Mocha ActiveX TN3270 should be installed on a web server and downloaded to a workstation running Internet Explorer.
It is a cost effective solution, as it is not necessary to install anything on the workstations.

Click here to open a new window and test run mocha activex tn3270 (only possible on a PC with Internet Explorer)

Warning, IE 10.0.20 included with update KB3058515 gives Activex problems. Only if the user run as administrator, can the activex object in some cases be installed. See KB3058515 problem
  • Supports all standard 3270 emulation features
  • Supports Extended Field Attributes
  • Alternate screen size (24x80 or 32x80)
  • SSL/TLS support (without certificates)
  • Unprotected fields can be shown in a different color
  • Small and fast. The CAB file is only 218 Kb.
  • User defined functions keys
  • Hardcopy of screen
  • Proxy login
  • Many trim parameters
  • Online Help
  • Free upgrades to new versions of the product
  • Low cost : 350 USD for a Site License.

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What is a site license ?

A site license permits an organization or company to use our software on any number of Workstations as long as the IBM mainframe, and the Web Server from where Mocha ActiveX TN3270 is downloaded from, are part of a single company. The Workstations do not have to be part of the given company

Lifetime free upgrades

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