Download MochaSoft ActiveX Components

The products can be tested before you actually buy them. During evaluation a demo banner is displayed to help reminding, it is only a demo version. Aside from this reminder, the products are fully functional. When you order, we will send a software license code, which will disable the demo dialog.

The following packages contains the complete products, including documentation. 

ActiveX for Internet Explorer Version File (zip format) File (exe format) Size Readme.txt
Mocha ActiveX TN5250 2.6 - 319k readma5.txt
Mocha ActiveX TN3270 1.7 - 329k readma3.txt
Mocha ActiveX Telnet 1.3 - 237k readmat.txt

Notice the HTML page with the Activex object includes a version number after the MAXXXXX.CAB statement. If upgrading from a previous version, this version number must be changed, to force Internet Explorer to download a new copy of the program to the hard disk.