FtpDisc - User Guide



Select FTP File Sharing [ON] and FtpDisc will listen at the address shown in the browser window.  
Tap the image to view other OS systems  

Using a Windows PC Open a Window Explorer Window, and type the IP address ftp://.... as show in the picture. An easy way to open a new Explorer Windows is to right click Start, and select Open.
If using the Web browser Internet Explorer, a primitive read only display will often be shown, with a text: To view this FTP site in Windows Explorer, click Page, and then click Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer. Actually it is in MENU - VIEW the option is found, not in PAGE.  

Using Mac OS X
The Finder program supports only FTP in read only mode. To copy files to the iPhone, either use the simple ftp program from a console window, or download a FTP application as Cyberduck to the Mac. See cyberduck.ch  

Menu - Copy from Photos
It is possible to copy image and video files from the Photos folder to FtpDisc. Images will be stored in folder photos, and video files in folder video. The iPhone OS allows up to 10 minutes long clips to be copied.  

Menu - Delete all files
This option remove all files and folders from FtpDisc, and rebuild the default folder structure with 4 folders: documents, other, photos and video.  


There are 4 default folders
  • - documents
  • - other
  • - photos
  • - video

To view a file, just tap it. Use [Edit] to have the display enter delete mode. Now tap the red stop icon to remove a file or folder. It is not possible in the current version to move files locally on the iPhone.




The log display the traffic between he iPhone and the client at FTP protocol level.




Use this view to configure the FtpDisc Server.  

FTP Port As default FTP will listen on port 21, but it is possible to use another port.
User name and password It is possible to define a user with password , as to limit access to the FtpDisc Server.  

Anonymous logon
If no protection is needed, this option makes it easier to logon  

Read/Write mode
Defines if files are read only from the PC browser.  

WIFI using VPN
If the iPhone is configured for VPN, the WIFI interface can have 2 IP addresses. With this option it is possible to select to listen on the VPN Interface.  
Notice it is not possible to use a 3g/EDGE cell network. This is a limitation , as to limit the bandwidth use on Cell networks.