Pin Reminder for Apple Watch and iPhone

The easy way to remember bank & credit card security PIN's. Here is a simple and safe solution.
Hide your PIN number in a card with 40 color fields. Only you know, where to look for the combination of  location and colors.
Take a look at the screen example above. Can you see my secret PIN number ?  It is 7918
I have selected to use the green elements starting from the top.
The combinations are endless. My other PIN number is 3054. Second line from the bottom at the Mastercard, starting from the right, this time not using colors.
The great thing about Pin is your secret PIN code is not saved on the iPhone or Apple Watch, but only the 40 numbers from the card. Nothing to hide, and nobody can hack it.

  • Hide your PIN(s) in a card with 40 elements.
  • Can keep 8 different color cards
  • Any PIN code using digits 0-9 can be used.
  • Support for Apple Watch
  • Free, no ads, no offers in or App Purchases

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