Mocha TN5250 for Java - Applet

Product has been discontinued.

TN5250 is a terminal emulator which run in a Web browser window , and provides access to an AS/400. The AS/400 - also called the "IBM iSeries," is a midrange server from IBM, designed for the business world.

  • Requires Java SE 8
  • Supports all standard 5250 emulation features
  • Alternate screen size (24x80 or 27x132)
  • Device name support
  • SSL/TLS, if the AS/400 certificate is not using MD5.
  • Hotspots (Fx and URL text in the 5250 screen can be used as buttons)
  • Functions keys F1-F24 are part of the Toolbar
  • Autologin
  • Clipboard
  • Lifetime free upgrades to new versions of the product
  • Warning: Apple has removed NPAPI plugin support in its Safari browser version 12, and therefore Java Plugin cannot be enabled in Safari browser version 12 and above.
  • Warning: Firefox has of September 2018 removed NPAPI plugin support in its Firefox browser versions. More details here
  • Warning: Chrome no longer supports NPAPI. More details here
Click here to open a new window and test run mocha tn5250 for java (requires a web browser with Java support)

Try it for free, only limitation, the connection will close after 3 minutes,

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