Mocha TN3812 for XP

We have stopped selling the old XP product. We have a new product: Mocha tn3812 for windows 10/11

Mocha W32 TN3812 is a 32-Bit Print application for Windows-95/98/2000 or XP Workstations. It works as a TN3812 client, giving your AS/400 system access to a local Printer on the Windows platform.

  • Using the standard TN5250 protocol (AS/400 must use OS V4R1 or newer)
  • Supports SSL (Secure Socket Layer Protocol), TLS is not supported, only SSLv3
  • Supports Proxy (Socks Version 4)
  • Can handle SCS/EBCDIC print jobs from an AS/400 Mainframe Computer system.
  • TN3812 can accept print jobs to any windows printer.
  • Possible to queue print jobs local on the PC, and pre-view data before printing.
  • Support for landscape mode
  • Many trim parameters
  • Can run as an icon in the tray
  • Online Help
  • Installation/Uninstallation programs
  • Lifetime free upgrades to new versions of the product