Telnet - SSH-2 for BlackBerry

Mocha Telnet for BlackBerry provides Telnet/SSH-2 + VT100/VT220 emulation for UNIX/Linux/ Mac OS X  access.
  • - Designed for blackBerry OS 4.2 or better, but not OS 10 smartphones
  • - All standard VT100 / VT220 emulation features.
  • - Screen size 24x80
  • - Ctrl keys
  • - Function keys F1 - F20
  • - Possible to change function key escape sequences.
  • - SSH-2 (protocol ArcFour without certificates)
  • - Supports network types: WiFi, TCP and MDS
  • - Auto login option
  • - Colors can be customized
  • - Many trim parameters
  • - Also older devices with track wheel is supported (8700 version)
  • - Free 30 days trial
  • - Free upgrades to new versions of the product
  • - Single user license :  29.85 USD

Mocha Telnet for Blackberry

Quick keyboard guide

  • alt+sym = fxx keyboard
  • shift + sym = toggle cursor/scroll
  • alt+space = toggle ctrl key mode
  • volume key up = cursor up
  • volume key down = cursor down

Mocha Telnet for Blackberry Storm

Quick guide for the touch screen version (Storm)

  • click screen = toggle cursor/scroll mode
  • move finger on screen = either scroll screen, or cursor up/down/left/right
  • alt+sym = fxx keyboard
  • shift+space = toggle ctrl key mode
  • volume key up = cursor up
  • volume key down = cursor down




ProductDevice typeVersionFileOTA File User manualChange log
TelnetWith a real keyboard1.2 telnet.jad Online user documentation. telnetbb.txt
TelnetTouch screen (Storm)1.3   Online user documentation. telnetbbs.txt
  • - Unzip the downloaded file to a folder.
  • - Connect the BlackBerry to the PC with a cable
  • - Start BlackBerry Desktop Manager on a PC, and use the Application loader to install the software.

A set of Desktop Manger screen dumps can be seen  here

OTA file
: Download direct to the BlackBerry (OTA = Over-the-air , in other words use the BlackBerry phone browser to download software direct to the phone)
Download direct with the BlackBerry Web Browser from our OTA (Over-the-air) page at



A Blackberry can connect to the UNIX/Linux or Mac OS X Server, either direct with WiFi, TCP/IP, or using a BlackBerry Enterprise Server with MDS. Using MDS, the Blackberry firewall must be configured to allow data from the phone to the Server.
Using TCP/IP, in most cases the BlackBerry phone TCP/IP (options - advanced options - TCP) must be configured with an APN name as to give it access the Internet. Some BlackBerry phones are locked and allows only MDS Services. Also the UNIX Server must allow access from the Internet.


Order a license:

As there are many Blackberry phones and OS versions, we cannot test on all devices. Also network access from a BlackBerry device to the Server may be a problem. Therefore, make sure to test for some time before making an order.
  •    1 single user license = 29.85 USD
  •    1 unlimited company license = 299 USD
With a company license it is possible to install the product on an unlimited number of Blackberry phones as long as the phones belong to a single company in one country.
With a single user license it is possible to install the product on one BlackBerry phone.
Lifetime license: Unlimited free product updates. A license key is valid for any future release of the product.
There are no maintenance or support fees. We offer free e-mail support to all customers.  
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