kaiOS Apps

M Music

Play music stored locally on the phone. Can also display album art. Drop a mark when listening, press play from time mark and listen again. Press loop and it will auto repeat. Can be useful, when learning a new language, or listening to an Audiobook.

Mocha Radio

Listen to music from more than 20.000 internet radio stations streaming live right now. View album cover and song titles. Record music and listen when offline.

Mocha VNC

Setup guide

Connect to a Windows PC or Mac and see the files, programs, and resources exactly as you would if you were sitting at your desk, just on a smaller screen.

Photo Zoom

Edit and share photos with your friends. Easy to use Photo Editor to zoom, crop, enhance, or add effects & text to pictures.

Mocha Weather

Mocha Weather gives you a hourly and daily weather forecast. Has more than 6000 locations + a favorite list.

Mocha Podcast

Stream episodes on-the-fly, or save them for offline listening. Keep a favorit list on the phone.


Mocha Rss

Breaking News & Top Stories. Get a quick look at the content from your favorite RSS sites.

Mocha Chess

Are you smarter than your phone. Play, learn and have fun with Chess.

Mocha 4 in a Row

Are you faster than your phone to put 4 tokens horizontally, vertically or diagonally in a line.

Mocha Air Quality

Inspect the air quality anywhere in the world. Has more than 4000 locations + a favorite list.

Mocha Eliza

You can have a dialog with a computer program representing a mock Rogerian psychotherapist.

Mocha Gomoku

Be the first to put 5 stones in a row. Can you beat the phone ?


Mocha Checkers

Checkers, also known as draughts. Are you smarter than your phone. Play, learn and have fun with Checkers. 3 game levels

Mocha Maze Racing

Keep your car away from the chasing Police cars. Many levels and a high score leaderboard

Mocha Wall Breaker

Destroy the wall with a bouncing ball. Many levels and a high score leaderboard


Klondike also known as solitaire, is a card game for one player. No network access required.


Alice and Bob are ready to play. Can you beat them. No real money involved. Runs offline.


This 3 x 3 cubic puzzle is a real brain teaser. How fast can you solve it? Includes also an automatic solver option.

Play Music

Play Piano Keyboard, Drums and Guitar like a Professional.


Turns your phone camera into a digital magnifier glass. When you want to magnify small things and texts, Magnifier can be the solution.