iOS 13 and Bluetooth Mouse

iPad OS v 13.4 now includes full support for a Bluetooth Mouse. Just pair it in Settings - Bluetooth.

For older versions, it is also possible to use a normal Bluetooth mouse with most applications. Only limitation is the right click key, which cannot be used.

  • On the iPad/iphone running OS 13 or better, select Settings - Accessibility - Touch - AssistiveTouch
  • Do not enable AssistiveTouch yet. Maybe there is a bug here, I could not pair, if it was enabled
  • In section Pointer devices, select Devices
  • Select Bluetooth Devices, and the iPad will search for devices
  • Enable pairing on the Bluetooth mouse
  • The mouse will connect, some Apple Mouse devices require a pin. Use 0000
  • Enable AssistiveTouch , and the cursor should show as a very big dark dot.
If above fails, reboot the iPad/iPhone, and make sure your mouse is not already paired with another device.