Download MochaSoft software for Windows XP, W98, ME and Win-200x

Our products can be tested before you actually buy them. The trial is valid for 30 days. The products are fully functional. When you order, we will send a software license code, which will remove the 30 days limit.
The following packages contains the complete products, including documentation.
Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP Version File (zip format) File (exe format) Size Readme.txt
Mocha W32 TN5250 9.4 mw5250.exe 803k read5250.txt
Mocha W32 TN3270 7.1 mw3270.exe 763k read3270.txt
Mocha W32 Telnet 6.3 mwtelnet.exe 736k readtel.txt
Mocha W32 TN3812 2.4 mw3812.exe 221k read3812.txt
Mocha W32 LPD 1.9 mlpd.exe 214k readlpd.txt
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From Mocha w32 tn5250 version 6.0, it is possible to include a local language file in the installation directory, before making an installation. Mochasoft supports the following language: English, German and Danish.
Unsupported language files received from customers:
Language files for Mocha W32 TN5250 File
Spanish lang_spa.txt    
Portuguese lang_pte.txt
French lang_fr.txt
Italian lang_it.txt
Polish lang_pl.txt
Czech lang_cz.txt
Dutch lang_du.txt
Portuguese Brazilian lang_br.txt
Russian lang_rus.txt

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