MOCHA TN3270 for Android



1.0 Screen

1.1 Clipboard

From the menu, click select, and the top menu change to Cancel,Copy and Copy all. Move the finger on the screen to select an area to copy, and hereafter click Copy. If using a hardware keyboard, shift + arrow can be used to select an area to copy. Ctrl+c is copy and ctrl+v is paste.

Red status line

1.2 Menu bar

There is not space on the title bar for all menu elements. The hidden elements can be selected either with a click on the 3 dots icon , or on some devices the "menu" button.

1.3 Wireless keyboard

1.4 Menu - Configure

A list of already configured IBM mainframe sessions is shown. Select + in the titlebar to create a new configuration.

1.5 Menu - Settings - Network

1.6 Menu - Settings - Terminal

1.7 Menu - Settings - Colors

Text, background and Cursor colors can be changed with this dialog.
It is the IBM mainframe program, which defines the text colors to use in a screen. The IBM mainframe can as an example, request a red text, and the color red can be configured in this dialog.

2.0 Import/Export a configuration

In menu - configure - top menu is an option "export configuration". It can build an URL, which includes the full configuration for the first server in the list + all settings values.

This URL can later be used to import the data, either using a mail client or a web page. You cannot click example below from a PC browser, only the web browser on an Android device.


A QR code with the URL configuration, can be scanned with the camera, and imported to TN3270.
A large QR code can give problems to read for some camera types, therefore try to make the data in the URL as small as possible.

2.1 Using a standard Bluetooth barcode scanner

As default a standard BT barcode scanner is seen as a physical keyboard, and it will block the screen keyboard. In Android Settings - Language and Input - Physical keyboard, enable option Show virtual keyboard. This will keep the screen keyboard on, while a physical keyboard or barcode scanner is active.